‘Thank God for successful four decades career’

Ngokwe Ngokwe

How time flies! It seems just like yesterday. I remember vividly many years ago, the day I walked into the then Imo Broadcasting Service to start a career in journalism, a profession I knew absolutely nothing about.

I remember going out to cover what they called assignments ( a word I thought only referred to home works given by the teacher) and returning to scribble what I saw or heard people say. It seems just like yesterday. I remember the day and circumstances that led to my jumping ship from Imo Broadcasting Service to Radio Nigeria.

I remember the day I was retrenched following the forced closure of Radio Nigeria FM stations by the then Buhari/Idiagbon regime and later recalled after 9 months in the unemployment market. It seems just like yesterday.

I remember the various assignments that took me to almost all the states in the country, my years as State Correspondent in Ogun, Oyo, Ondo and Enugu states, my foray into Radio House, Abuja and eventual appointment as General Manager, Radio Nigeria Unity FM, 101.5, Abakaliki. Oh, it seems just like yesterday.

I remember the many people who have crossed my path, I remember the failures, I remember the successes, I remember the challenges, I remember the ‘porting’ from the manual, analogue and to digital operations in the broadcast industry. All these add up to sweet memories. All these yesterdays have added up to four decades.

Now, it’s time to go. As I take a bow today, my gratitude goes to God, Jehovah the Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscient God, for His grace, love and mercy. I bow before His throne. Many people have impacted on my life and careers all these years. I thank you all. Without your criticisms, wise counsel and words of encouragement, perhaps the story would have been different.

To Radio Nigeria, the best broadcast outfit in Nigeria, operating the largest network in Africa and parading the best hands in the industry, my Director – Generals, past and present, my Zonal Directors, past and present, I thank you for providing the platform serve and shine.

To my colleagues, fallen and alive, I appreciate you. To the Unity FM, family in Abakaliki, I cherish you. You’re simply the best.

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