Internship testimony : Very promising media career

David Lawal multimedia journalist and social media executive tells his tough internship story that has resulted in very promising media career.

My six months internship journey started at TELL Communications Limited, publisher of TELL Magazine and BroadStreet Journals in 2011 October.
It was seemingly tough managing classes as Deputy Class Rep and later as Class Rep in 2012, when I finished my six months and was told to continue to write for the Magazine.
Interns usually run away from my Editor then Mr Salif Atojoko. We thought he was killing us with assignments, but that was the best way he could teach us. I endured his harsh words, tough assignments and became a better print journalist despite studying Broadcast in school.
Thereafter, just as we graduated in 2012, I met Mr Lekan Otufodunrin through a good friend, who cherished volunteerism so much, Jennifer Ehidiamen.
Although, I didn’t quite understand what I wanted as a fresh graduate, but I spoke with Mr Otufodunrin, attended one of his media trainings and requested to write for The Nation as a volunteer. He gave me the opportunity so much that I began to send in reports from Kano state during my NYSC in 2013.
Interestingly, a month after NYSC, he called me that I should forward my credentials for an employment with The Nation. Later he advised me to join an online website that needed a Reporter. I took up the job and about a month after my employment letter was ready with The Nation.
I The Nation as Online Reporter, but I am now a multimedia Journalist, a Social Media Executive as well as a Data Journalist. All thanks to God, Mr Atojoko and Mr Otufodunrin.