How to be a purpose-driven journalist



Compiled by Yemisi Otufodunrin
Theme: Purpose Driven Journalism
Text: 2Kings 2:1-15

We cannot afford to live our lives as if there is no purpose for our existence. It is the knowledge of where you are headed that keeps you going. There must be something you are living for.

To be a purpose driven Journalist;
>>> Ask God for His plan and purpose for your career.

>>> Have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Draft your vision and mission statement to serve as a guide. Make long and short term plans and how you intend to accomplish them.

>>> Put in the work. A Journalist of purpose cannot afford to be lazy and complacent. Don’t just work hard, work smart. Acquire the necessary skills to improve your effectiveness and efficieny. Build your personal brand and online presence.

>>> Be determined to succeed. Don’t leave your life and career to chance. Be intentional.
Where you are; maximize your potentials and opportunities, however understand that not all open doors can lead you to the right place. Some opportunities may be distractions, hence be focused.

>>> Identify the challenges in the media sphere and find out what you can do to prepare for and adapt to the expected changes. Take advantage of online courses to upgrade your skills.

>>> Maintain a high moral standard​.