Journalists as Voice of the Voiceless

Message by Pastor  David Odunayo at April 2018 Fellowship

Every Christian journalist is a voice sent forth by God to be a voice of the voiceless majority.

Just like John the Baptist was the voice sent by God in the wilderness, every Christian journalist is God’s voice sent forth to represent the one whose voice can’t be heard in the high places.

In Genesis. 40 : 14, Joseph said to Pharaoh’s chief cup bearer after interpreting his dream to him “But when all goes well with you, remember me and show kindness by mentioning me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison”.

Many people are in the prison of life and they need a Pharaoh to come out. The problem is that Pharaoh needs to be told about them.

Pharaoh doesn’t seem to know that they are there or exist. And unfortunately, they cannot get to Pharaoh themselves.

A Christian journalist can be that link to Pharaoh. He can tell Pharaoh about the plight of the prisoner and he should if he or she is to fulfill God’s purpose for him.

God is looking for a peculiar voice he will need to liberate the prisoner and the Christian journalist can be the voice of the voiceless to the high and mighty in position of power.

“You have to go and tell Pharaoh the word about the Joseph that usually suffers in the prison. If you fail to do it, you will be judged by God and who know if it is for this purpose he called you in journalism profession as such time as this.