Cokey promoted Deputy Director VON


We thank God for the promotion of Mrs Ugonma Cokey as a Deputy Director at the Voice of Nigeria (VON). We pray that God will grant her wisdom to excel in her work.


·         Voice of Nigeria, Ikoyi, Lagos                                            1994-Date

Position: Assistant Director News                                                 2017 –Present

·         Head- Current Affairs Section 

Position: Assistant Director News                                                 Sept-December 2017

·         Head, Digital Media      

 Position: Assistant Director News                                                2015-Sept. 2017

·         Head Editorial Section

Position: Chief News Producer                                                       2012-2015

·         Head-Editorial Section

Position: Assistant Chief News Producer                                      2011-2012

·         Head- Online  Section

Position: Assistant Chief News Producer                                      2009 – 2011

·         Head- Current Affairs Section

Position: Principal News Editor                                                       2007 to 2009

·         Head -Editorial Shift

·         Deputized for the supervisor

·         Produced News bulletins and Summary

·         Produced Voice of Nigeria’s flagship Live Magazine programmes (Sixty Minutes, VONSCOPE, Africa Hour)

·         Produced and voiced News programmes (Recorded and live)

·         Conducted news interviews

·         Covered major news events including elections

·         Wrote news commentaries

Position: Senior News Producer                                                                2003 to 2007

·         Produced and presented  economic related news programmes

·         Daily production of economic news packages.

·         Coverage of economic-related events.

·         Wrote news Commentaries

Position: Senior News editor                                                                     1999-2003

·         Head- Development Desk in Lagos.

·         Covered the United Nations System, National Planning Commission

·         Gathered, collated, reported and preserved all materials used for easy reference.

·         Reported general beat.

·         Produced news programmes including News file, Insight, Reporters Diary, West Africa Today and In the News.

·         Wrote news commentaries

Position: Editor/Reporter                                                                               1994-1999

·         Sourcing/transcription of news from other media

·         News Editing/Writing

·         Wrote news Commentary