I was spared severe burns

Felix Oloyede

I thank God for sparing my life. I went to a Church for a presentation and driving back I noticed that the accelerator of my car was acting strangely. I decided to park to check it.

Instead of waiting for the radiator to cool down, I opened it and the hot water gushed out. It burnt my arm partly around the wrist but I was lucky that the incident didn’t go beyond the one on my hand. I appreciate God.

Also, someone close to me was contemplating on suicide, she had already chased her children out of the room because, someone lost trust in her. There is no way it would happen that it wouldn’t affect me seriously.

So, I thank God He took control. She said she had to run out of the room as the urge was so strong on her. May the name of the Lord be praised in Jesus name.

Felix Oloyede, Bible Society of Nigeria

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