‘How God helped save depressed youth via Facebook’



I was going through the Facebook one night and I saw a post where a young guy in FUT Minna posted that he was depressed. I found out more about him and found that he was a gospel artiste, an instrumentalist in his Church in Minna.

He had a case in school and he was going to be rusticated. No money from home, he was sick and with a background check, we found out that he was telling the truth.

He felt he has got to the of his life and was going to do something funny. I reported to a group of Christian friends who supported him with finance, counselling, prayers and by the grace of God, the school panel sat on his case and he was freed. He later confessed the funny feeling was gone. I thank God that God used some of us to assist him even when he refused to tell anybody about his problem.

Also, I like to thank God for my life and family. I thank God for his faithfulness and provision. Yesterday was my wife’s birthday and I really thank God for everything.

Dayo Emmanuel