‘I’m grateful journalism has helped me’



I am thankful to God for my mum. She retired recently and I was able to write a book which was dedicated to her. It is my first book. I am just 20 years old and my mum is one who lives a simple lifestyle and I want everyone to see that it is good to live a simple lifestyle.

It is not a must that we live an extravagant life, just be simple. In the book, I talked about living life centred on the gospel. There are so many things in the book that are really very helpful and I am also grateful that journalism has really helped me a lot.

I am an independent journalist. For a young girl like me, I am able to pay my bills on my own and do a lot of things on my own and give back to the society and to also help my mum, I thank God.

I also have a platform where I teach young people about writing and I am grateful to God for everything and JFC is a very great platform. So many journalists do not want to centre their lives on God but just want to centre their lives on entertaining lifestyle. Sometimes they forget about God.

Bestselling Author of “A Simple Life” *Sport Journalist * Blogger