How to maximise God’s gifts


Pastor Tayo Ogunbiyi, Head of Features Unit, Lagos State Ministry of Information & Strategy who was the guest speaker at the July 2019 fellowship spoke on how to maximise God’s gifts. Blessing Olagundoye and Ronke Otufodunrin report


God is the giver of every gift and He’s interested in how we maximize our gifts. Every gift and talent leads to a career path not only for you but for generations. 

How can we maximize our gifts?

Ogunbiyi speaking at the fellowship

FOCUS: You must know what you see about the gifts, don’t allow others to see for you. Don’t let anyone distort the vision that God has given you, keep forging ahead because it’s only you that knows what God has in stock for you. You are to see your talent. You must not allow others to determine your talent for you because God has given us a pair of eye each- 1 Sam.7: 1-end

In the chapter what David was seeing was different from what his brothers were saying. With your gift and your talent it how far you can see and how far you can go.

2. Diligence – Be hardworking and you won’t miss your reward. Jesus Christ worked while on earth if Jesus could work, you should also exhibit the same trait. With your talents and gift, you must be diligent. You must work hard. Prov.22:29

3. Be focused – There are various distractions; environmental, political, financial or emotional. The distractions might be real, but it’s not your point of calling. Distractions are like bus stops, you don’t alight until you get to your location. Jesus Christ was not distracted despite all the challenges He faced, He stayed committed to the end.

You must deal with distraction on a daily basis but you must stay focused. Prov. 4:25

4. Consistency – Don’t stop what you’re doing that will make your dream to be celebrated. Elisha was consistent and He received his blessings at last. No matter the discouragement, don’t stop doing what you are doing. You must not relent in putting your gift to work.

I wrote about former Governor Fashola’s government for seven and half years after which he called to commend me and I published two books of the compilation of my writings.

5. Passionate – be passionate about what you do with your gifts. Passion gives wings to our gifts and talents to fly.

6. Be innovative – embrace innovation with your gifts which would fetch you more income. Don’t allow your gifts to be boring. You need the excitement to maximize the gift. Innovation enables us to dig deep- you must go the extra mile with your gift-you must branch out to maximize the gift.

7. Rely on God totally – don’t lean on men, without God, you can’t do anything. Don’t allow the gifts to be king, let God be the superior, lean on Him always, continually ask Him for directions.

Rely totally on God. For without Him you can do nothing. See Him as your strength.

No matter how far the gift has taken you to never forget God as the Giver and enabler of the gift. You must rely on the strength, direction and inner ability of God.