Testimonies: ‘My organisation got a grant’

Blessing Olagundoye, Publisher of BONews shares testimonies of a grant her organisation got when all hopes seem to be lost

Two days ago, I woke up to read two rejections email, sorry, we had many applications and all those stories. I was moody and within a few minutes, I was like, Blessing, have you appreciated God enough for what He did.

I want to thank God because BONews got a grant to implement a project on COVID-19 and Women with Disabilities, one of the key areas we work.

I applied around March but didn’t get any response. It was a grantee in Nigeria that gave me a hint that I should send the proposal again which I did and they told me it was successful. They didn’t approve the total budget but we had to revise the budget to suit the funds that were approved.

To be honest, I wasn’t prepared for it. I didn’t inform those I dropped their names as referees, we don’t have an account number but God just did it, despite all odds and I’m certain it is going to open more opportunities.

When I told my mum and said ‘money is not involved’ because the funds doesn’t cater for administrative purposes, she was like, you should be grateful because more doors will open.

When I checked the list of organizations they sponsor, they are big organizations working on Women’s Human Rights so, I found out that it is just God that did it. Who did it? Jesus, O My God, Waoh (RCCG members can relate).

I also thank God for a few partnerships that He has secured for the organization here in Nigeria. May His name alone be praised

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