Professional Excellence By The Word

When I was in the media school, a lecturer during lecture told us you can not be a journalist and not be involved in at least one of the vices in the profession.

¬†According to him the vices are smoking, drinking and womanising. I forgot to ask him if the third option for the girls would be ‘manising’. If the boys would womanise, the girls should do what?
This was a teacher parents were expecting to teach how to be excellent journalists. I was particular about tackling him that I can never partake in any of his vices. I told him I would never partake and I remember some of the students laughed because they believed him being an old hand.

I knew what I was saying because I got saved many years before then and I have had a relationship with God who had been so merciful.
As a believer in Jesus Christ in the newsroom, professional excellence is what must be desired. This is because it will stand one out from the crowd. It makes no much sense for a believer to be heavenly relevance and earthly useless. In fact that would be an embarrassment on heaven.