Working while waiting

Have you ever pondered on what it means to work while waiting?

I mean why do I need to work when the Word of God said everything pertaining to life and Godliness has been given to me? Isn’t that a pointer to the fact that all I need do is to relax, and enjoy all that God has worked out for me.

But, have you forgotten that Paul admonishes us in the book of Thessalonians 3:10b, that if anyone isn’t willing to work, he should not eat. Shocking?

That’s just a snippet to the essence of ‘work’ in this Kingdom. Have you ever asked yourself why Jesus Christ had to start going about preaching the Gospel?

Wasn’t He supposed to be in a place while sinners troop to Him day in day out, or why did the Son of God have to engage in series of retreats before and after manifestation? Was He not God in Flesh? The reasons are not farfetched.

There is a part of waiting on God for manifestation of all that He has promised us individually, and there is also a part for you to play to make things go as planned by God. Hence, while you await God for that promised job, get busy with any resource and tools that will increase your efficiency in your area of interest.

While you are awaiting God for that Marriage, Scholarship, or even breakthrough of any kind, play your part by doing the little things that He is laying upon your heart.Remember, the goal is not to work it out all by yourself, but to walk closely with God in working things out.

While you wait, don’t stop Working.