Lagos February 2022 Fellowship Report



VENUE:                     CEE-HOPE OFFICE


The meeting started at 11:20 am with the opening prayer led by Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin, followed by the praise and worship session by Mrs. Taiwo Omilani of UpShoot Media

Mr. Otufodunrin also anchored the testimony session and four members came out to share their testimonies with the house. They are Mr. Lekan Otufodunrin, Tosin Gbemile, Taiwo Omilani and Esther Adeniyi.

The guest speaker, Mr. Wale Fatade was then introduced to the house by the President of JFC.

The guest speaker, Mr. Wale Fatade was a reporter and editor with three newspapers in Nigeria for 22 years and also had stints in the development sector with international agencies.

He is currently the Commissioning Editor, The Conversation Africa.

At the fellowship, the guest speaker spoke on how media professionals can maximize media career opportunities in 2022. 

He emphasized the fact that media is more than journalism and that media professionals should look beyond journalism as there are many opportunities evolving beyond journalism where journalists and media professionals can further utilize their potentials and make a more meaningful impact in the media world.

Mr. Fatade spoke on the need for media professionals to expand their network as one can only be as rich or as strong as their network, linking to the fact that most of the jobs with real pay are usually not advertised but based on network and recommendations.

While buttressing the importance of healthy networking in the field, he encouraged young media professionals to be friendly and avoid making unnecessary enemies, citing proverbs 18:24 as an anchor scripture. He urged that they exit a place nicely if there’s a need to do so.

He also mentioned that media professionals should continually update themselves, be open to new things, and invest more in gaining professional knowledge to get them prepared and ready for opportunities (2 Timothy 2:15).

The guest speaker however advised media professionals to adopt humility as a virtue and yield themselves for mentorship and learn from the younger generation to stay informed on new technological trends and engage the internet more productively.

He concluded by stressing that as Christian journalists and apostles in the marketplace, we should let our stands be known by colleagues, co-workers and actors within the media space.


  • As a media professional, you have no business informing others when you have not informed yourself
  • As much as you look beautiful, your professional life must look beautiful as well, Read, Read, Read and Read
  • A certain percentage of your earnings should be to update yourself
  • Every battle leaves you with a scar, walk away if you can
  • Hard work is not smart work; pray, work very hard and position yourself
  • Money should not be your ultimate, embrace platforms to build experience

Mr. Otufodunrin wrapped up the session by emphasizing the importance of networking, he shared a few testimonies on how networking has helped him secure contracts in the media industry both home and abroad.

The offering was taken by Chaplain of JFC, Pastor David Alabi and the closing prayer was led by Yinka Fadare.