JFC renews call for gender equality in media

Journalists for Christ (JFC) International Outreach joins the rest of the world in celebrating the 2022 International Women’s Day with a renewed call for gender equality in the media.

The organisation in a statement said it recognises the accomplishments of women in various walks of life including the media industry despite challenges they have had to cope with.

While commending the contributions of women in various fields, JFC President, Otufodunrin, however, bemoaned discrimination and bias that limit women in attaining their full potential.

“The theme for this year is: “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow” with #Breakthebias and as an organisation, we join the rest of the world to clamour for gender equality in the media.

“JFC as an organisation has been advocating gender parity in the media and action on gender policies to facilitate equal opportunity for women in the profession.”

Otufodunrin declared that JFC will not relent in its advocacy until every form of gender discrimination is eliminated.

Journalists for Christ is a faith-based Non-governmental organisation devoted to enhancing the spiritual and professional development of journalists and other media professionals.

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