My Sister’s Keeper


In accordance with the campaign theme of the International Women’s Day, #Balanceforbetter the Journalists for Christ fellowship on Saturday, March 23 will be devoted to discussing how to improve the lots of women in the media. 

The theme of the fellowship is ‘My Sister’s Keeper’

Venue: International Press Centre, Dideolu Estate, off Ijaye Road, Ogba, Lagos.

Time: 11am-1pm

If the campaign theme #Balanceforbetter, which is informed by the ack of enough gender balance and equity consideration in media management and coverage,
is to be achieved, there is indeed a need for journalists to be their sister’s keepers.

The discussion will focus on what is required to care for female journalists and allow them to fulfill God’s purpose for them in the media.

God bless you as you attend
Below is a useful discussion guide

Evaluation: How Am I Doing as My Sister’s Keeper?

Do I watch after my fellow sisters in the flock like a Shepherd who keeps His sheep?

Do I pray for my sisters by name asking God to protect them from the wicked one and from the snare of sin?

Do I faithfully go to church services and events (Hebrews 10:23-25) on a mission to seek out a sister to encourage in the Lord?

Do I actively seek out those straying from the flock and attempt to disciple them?

Do I trust God for the courage to admonish a sister in love?

Do I willingly allow the sisters to be my keeper too?

So the answer to Cain’s modified question…

Am I My Sisters’ Keeper? Yes, indeed I am! And so are you!

How are we doing?