How to be your sister’s keeper in the media


In commemoration of the International Women’s  Day  #IWD2019, Journalists for Christ on Saturday, March 23, 2019 held a special fellowship on the theme #Balanceforbetter with a discussion on how to be Sister’s keeper in the newsroom and on the beat.

Here are some of the suggestions by participants at the fellowship.

Don’t discriminate against female journalists in recruitment of staff on the assumption that they cannot cope with the requirements of the job.

Look out for young female journalists to mentor on how to excel on the job, avoid being intimidated and harrased.

Share with them stories of successful female journalists who have made it to the top in the profession.

Pray for female journalists to be able to overcome any personal challenge that may hinder their ability to perform their assignments effectively.

Advice them on how to handle ‘feminine issues’ and be in good state of mind, physically and psychologically for their work.

Challenge and give female journalists the opportunity to prove their own mettle and give them equal opportunities in appointments and coverage of beats.

Celebrate female journalists when they excel

Be intentional about addressing the gender imbalance in the media both in terms of reporting women and having more women in management positions.