Industry updates to note

The opening charge today says give thanks in all thingsā€¦ In the light of that, note that some opportunities have passed, some are ongoing and some are planned for the future that starts on Monday.
Take advantage of training opportunities. Don’t be penny-wise and pounds-foolish. You can spend a token to acquire a skill. Some are even free. Just be hungry for knowledge. A new skill will set you apart at work.
Teaser: You would find this useful – Title: Reinventing the journalism business model
Reach out, don’t be shy to ask for opportunities that will build you up. See below:

1) Bro @Sanmi Falobi shared a training opportunity – it costs only 5,000. If you applied early, it is 3,000. Trust me, you might have gotten sponsorship here if you showed a willingness to learn. Deadline 6weeks started today.

2) Elder @Mayowamtn shared Budeshi media opportunity from Dataphyte. This is for Journalists who need support for travel logistics and other reporting expenses to investigate a story. Deadline July 30th.

3) Due to COVID-19, has numerous courses for free and some for a token which are run by international Universities.

4) Google Learn digital skill certificate courses are ongoing and free. All you need is internet – visit –

5) On you can join webinars on Risk Communication or read up materials from past webinars and reports to increase your knowledge.

6) ICFJ – International Centre for Journalists is partnering Ijnet to offer webinar series for journalists covering COVID-19. Starting on July 21. Registration url –

7) Thanks to @Lekan Otufodunrin and Media Career Dev Network, we just rounded up a Media GIG with a US-based organisation (Get-In-Gear) Some of us have changed gear from 3 to 5 now.

8) ICIR once announced small grants for online newspapers. Now, Sundiata Post won this grant from Google. Read up to know what Sundiata did differently.

9) Our next fellowship shall hold on the 15th of August to the glory of God. Your testimony shall be fuller and unique in Jesus name.

Our website now has impressive ranking at national and in global ratings.
MCDM is followed by journalists worldwide on Twitter with positive comments and testimonies. We can see the big break happening soon in Jesus name

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July 18, 2020

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