Women of valour in the Bible


By Pastor David Odunayo

First, let me correct a wrong impression. It is completely false to say women were relegated in the Bible. Yes, they assisted their husbands but they were not inferior to them. We have many women of valour in the Bible.

These were women who won battles courageously and did outstanding things. Among them were Deborah, the prophetess who was not only a prophetess but a dutiful wife. She did mighty things in Israel. (Jug4:4).Her prophecy led us to Jael, the wife of Heber. Jael was a woman of valour who killed Sisera.

We also have Mariam, the sister of Moses, who brought down the power of God through praise. Hannah, the mother of Prophet Samuel was a woman of valour too. She brought forth the most outstanding prophet of Israel.

 In the new testament, we have the wonderful women of valour who supported Christ in his ministry ( Luke 8: 1-3) They helped him to succeed in the work of ministry. Being a woman of valour could mean helping behind the scene.

Priscilla, the wife of Aquila was a great woman of valour. She was a type of wife partnering with her husband in life and ministry. She, along with her husband was of great help to Paul.

Women today can learn from these women of valour. They can help their husbands and children to win in life. They can establish themselves in their pursuits in life and overcome every obstacle on their way.