Journalists should uphold God’s word


Journalists have been challenged to live by example and uphold the Christian faith in the media.

The advice came from Mr. Lucky Ogwu, the Public Relations Officer at the Bible Society of Nigeria (BSN), at the monthly fellowship of the Journalists For Christ (JFC) last weekend.

Ogwu, who was represented the General Secretary of the BSN, Rev. (Dr.) Dare Ajiboye at the fellowship, also enjoined Christian journalists to practice the Word of God as they have professed because any deviation from it could incur God’s judgment on them.

Speaking on the theme: The Biblical Journalist, Ogwu said, Christian journalists have the responsibility of defending the faith.

Ogwu said, as a journalist for Christ, one has double faith to defend; the ethics of journalism and secondly, the profession as a Christian. Ordinarily according to him, journalists are supposed to be flawless when it comes to doing their job.

According to him, “As a Journalists For Christ member, you have your faith to defend in two ways; faith to defend in your reports when it comes to accountability, truth, accuracy, balanced and fairness. The second is that you must not be seen participating in anything that conflicts with your confession as a Christian.”

He also explained that journalists should take responsibility and be accountable. “Truth should not just be on the surface of a matter, but get the facts, scrutinise it and use it to build confidence and trust of the people,” he advised.

Ogwu noted that, though human beings are naturally imperfect in words, but if journalists who are supposed to be the salt to the unbelieving ones begins to say what is morally wrong, he’ll be judged.

“You must uphold your status as the salt. You’ll be judged if your dignity as a Christian commands less respects; when a journalist says things that is not edifying among unbelieving journalists, after confessing Christ as Lord, he’ll be judged,” he said.

He also said that a journalist should not backbite or backstab his colleagues, as doing this will discourage the Holy Spirit, but called for the support of kingdom works as a means to challenge and command God’s possibility.

“You can challenge and command possibility with kingdom works, such as soul winning, giving to the less privileged, attending to people’s needs and visiting IDP camps. Also, characters like backbiting or backstabbing should be discouraged among you because; it grieves the presence of the Holy Spirit among the brethren,” he added.

He enjoined journalists not to envy wicked people but look unto Jesus and pray always and honour leadership.

Report by Olorunfemi Rhoda

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